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      The warm celebration “SOUND” the injection molding machine to evaluate Zhejiang famous brand goods Date:2010-6-25 00:00:00

      at the beginning of the year, the good news conveys. The company “SOUND” the injection molding machine passes through “the Zhejiang Province name brand strategy advancement committee” the consideration determination, participates numerously in the province in the enterprise, blooming, take has the originality “the entire computer control plastic injection shaper” the project evaluation as the Zhejiang famous brand goods, in new round modelled machine in the profession competition to obtain has taken the initiative.

      Meanwhile, enterprises also smoothly passed national tech enterprise reexamination, enjoy tax incentives makes enterprises able traveling light fully enhance competitiveness. These achievements fully demonstrated SOUND shares comprehensive competitive strength also enterprise effective Fight financial risks, resist winter, promote sustained stable development added strong momentum. We know these gratifying achievements embodied the company all staff hard efforts worked hard sweat, company sincere thank everyone joint efforts and pay enable enterprises made an another impressive performance.

      Wish everyone beauty Year prosperous.

      Hope all employees redouble further for enterprise early spend winter usher beautiful tomorrow continue efforts!


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